Summer Centerpiece

I have a rose bush in my front yard.  It is big and beautiful, with an abundance of hot-pink colored blossoms.  I love it!  All summer I have been snipping roses and making small bouquets for my kitchen table.  Recently, I’ve been thinking about how I need something to give my centerpiece extra pizazz!  And… Read More »

Sweet Home Utah

I never thought I’d grow up to be a business manager/craft blogger but here I am. I’ve shared before that my Bachelor’s Degree is in Electronic Journalism and that when I grew up I wanted to be a reporter. But hey, I’m happy where I ended up. I am a monthly contributor at local TV… Read More »

Beehive Door Hang

I hope everyone had an amazing Independence Day, I definitely did! Here in Utah our next holiday is Pioneer Day, it commemorates Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon Pioneers that founded Salt Lake City and settled here July 24, 1847. Fireworks and parades are celebrated that day, similar to the 4th of July…. Read More »

Succulent Cubes

I just love walking around the Wood Connection store and letting my imagination run wild. They have so many wonderful products and you can even make something fun out of something as simple as their wooden blocks. I love how these turned out and how simple they were to make. By far one of my… Read More »

Bright & Stripey Circle Frames

Hello, Jamie and Mindy here from Savvy Sisters.  Slowly but surely we are working on these cute projects for our Mom’s nursery.  Summer sure is a busy time to find the time to get together and craft.  We actually crafted on our youngest sisters wedding day!  We had several hours between the events so we… Read More »

Summer Banner

Hello there Wood Connection readers! I’m so thrilled to be here today. I’m Rebecca, you can find me at The Crafted Sparrow. I adore all the amazing products from The Wood Connection, this wood banner happens to be one of my favorites. I recently shared some free Summer printables: Free Summer Cupcake / Food Topper… Read More »