Lawn Yahtzee

lawnyahtzeeHello everyone, I have been “DIE-ING” to do this post for you.

I have to say my family loves to play games. Every Sunday afternoon we pull out the board games. It is a great time to relax and we end up giggling more than anything. Ask me if my family cheats and I will tell you without a doubt, YES!! We do have at least 3 big fat cheaters. But they do it all in good fun. Usually it’s trying to come up with nonsensical words while playing Boggle. Gosh Sundays are my fave.lawn yahtzeeOur sweet neighbor’s gave us the best Christmas gift a few years ago. Guess what it was? An outdoor game made of wooden pieces. We love it. We take it camping with us and play it like crazy. So I was thinking of other games I could make to stick in the trailer or play on lazy Sunday afternoons. I thought why not oversized dice. There are so many games they can be used for. Just about any dice game can be played outside. Go wild and see how many you can find.

3 ½ routed cubes
Minwax Wood Sheen Gel Stain in Colonial Walnut
Acrylic sealer
Foam brush, end of paint brush

Really, this was a no brainer kind of craft. It took only 3 simple steps from start to finish.

Step 1: stain block using our gel stain, let dry for about 45 min repeat stain. (This is to darken it to desired color).

stained dice

Step 2: dip end of paint brush in white paint and apply paint to divots in the die. Let dry for an hour or so if you used a lot of paint.

painting dice

Step 3: spray several coats of acrylic sealer.

This is a simple craft that you can give as gift. Think of gift exchange. What is better than a twist on family game time, take it outside. You could a throw an end of summer party playing outdoor games. Your friends will think you’re a smarty pants for taking some of our cubes to and making a dice game. They even make a cute display for a game room or Bunco night. I am just sayin so so cute, right?

Well either way I can’t wait to go and play Yahtzee outside. So if you’re in my hood and hear the yelling it is just the “Wieds” having fun playing our outdoor games… I think Dominoes are next. Keep a look out for those in a future post.




  1. Inez Bennett Dawson says

    I love this project but I think there's a step missing. How dd you make the divots on the die?

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