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Tutorial Tuesday: Folded Ribbon Rose

Hey guys! Rachel here- you asked and here it is! (Finally!) My tutorial for the folded ribbon rose that we have displayed on our witch boots this year. The boots are so much different than our boots last year… they are much more chic and sassy.

1 yard of 1 ½ inch wired purple ribbon
3-1 ½ inch wired green ribbon pieces that are each 2 inches long
2-5/8 inch wired purple ribbon that are each 18” long
6 inches of thin black wire
For the rosette- take your purple ribbon and hold it into an L shape so that you have one piece going vertical and the other going horizontal.

Take the ribbon that is vertical and fold it down over the “L” crease so that you start to make a square. (See left photo)

Then take the ribbon that is going horizontal and fold it over the “L” crease so that is going horizontal in the other direction. (See right photo) Continue to go back and forth over the beginning crease, folding all of the ribbon so that it becomes squares stacked on top of each other.

When you’re done it should look something like this.
Pinching the ends of the ribbon, pull one ribbon while the other end stays lossely pinched in your hand. Continue to pull all the way to the end.
Still holding the ribbon it should like this…
While still holding on to the ribbon take 6″ of thin black wire and wrap it around the base and flower. Then use scissors to cut the leftover ribbon from the one end.
After your rose is wired, hot glue it onto the boot. Contine this same method with the thinner purple ribbon to make the additional smaller roses.
Now for the leaves-
We have 3 leaves surrounding our roses. So follow these instructions for each leaf. Start by folding one corner of the ribbon to the opposite corner. Continue to fold the other corners to that same corner. Glue all corners togather and once they’re dry you can glue them underneath the roses.
And once you’re done you have some fun, sassy witch boots that you wish you could really wear.  :)
Thanks for reading!
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Hello to all The Wood Connection blog readers!  I’m Amy and I blog with my best friend, Debbie, over at The Happy Scraps.  I’m so excited to be guest posting here today!  I LOVE The Wood Connection, it is one of those stores that is hard for me to stay away from. :)

Today I’m going to share with you how to make an accordion flower for your Witch Boots. But before I do that, run over to The Wood Connection and pick up a pair of Witch Boots.  They’re only $4.95 {each}, hurry and get yours before they’re gone!  These accordion flowers are very simple and so fun to make.  Lets get started!

1. Cut a strip of paper. I cut mine at 3/4 in. by 12 in. Your finished sized flower will be a little more than double the width you cut.
2. Score your paper strip every 1/4 in. If you want a little more depth, you can score a little farther apart, just make sure it’s even across your strip.
3. Accordion fold your paper for the entire length.
4. Glue the ends together.
5. You’ll end up with a circle like this.
6. Flatten your paper on a flat surface and keep a hold of it.
7. Use some scrap cardstock to cut or punch out a small circle. Put some glue on the circle {I used hot glue}.
8. Then put it on the BACK of your accordion flower. Hold it in place long enough for your glue to set.
9. Glue a circle to the front of your accordion as well. Make sure it’s centered.
10. Embellish the top of your flower with jewels, etc.
11. Adhere your fun accordion flower you made, to your cute Witch Boots!Here is a closer look that the accordion flower.

These Witch Boots were so.much.fun to finish!  I used the wood glue for the first time that The Wood Connection recommends, for adhering my paper, and it worked like a charm!  And how fun are the eyelets?!
I hope you enjoyed the accordion flower tutorial, and are excited to get started on your own set of boots!  I’ve had fun posting here today, and I hope you’ll come and stop by and say Hi, over at The Happy Scraps.